Office & Administration Jobs

Our app helps to match talented candidates to the right organisations

Essential Staff has an excellent track record of placing qualified staff in office administration jobs in the UK providing relevant opportunities for hundreds of professionals and employers.

We understand your needs and offer you the most reliable platform for all your recruitment needs for both employers and job-seeking candidates. That is why we offer a dedicated app that focuses on different kinds of office and admin jobs.

We allow employers to publish office & admin jobs in the UK and help candidates to choose their dream job and boost their careers.

How we Do it

Office & administration jobs require a qualified candidate who is looking forward to building a strong career in the corporate world.

We offer the best app for:

  • Employers to find their ideal candidate * Job seekers to make their career in the corporate industry.

Roles we Offer

Choose from a variety of office admin jobs in the UK. These include:

  • Office Manager * Administration Head * Support Manager and Supervisor * Receptionist * Customer Service Manager * Personal Assistant * Senior Executive Assistant * Secretary * Facilities Manager * Call Centre Manager * HR Coordinator * Part-time temporary Security Jobs

What’s Expected from Candidates

Building a strong career in office admin jobs in the UK needs the following qualities including:

  • Problem-solving skills * Excellent communication skills * Punctuality * Work ethic * Project management skills * Interpersonal skills * Collaboration and teamwork skills * Adaptability skills * Critical thinking skills

General administrative jobs usually do not require higher formal qualifications but the experience is always valued.

For more information, please contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.